Not so well….

Well, my Hebrew study hasn’t been going very well at all this last month. The last day I really did anything was the 7th. But on the 7th I did 1.4 hours of Rosetta stone and got an overall score of 71%

For Rosetta Stone I completed the core lesson, vocabulary and reading meanwhile grammar is still in progress.  Other than that I haven’t been doing much on language study or actually to come to think of it anything in this last month. Except the anki deck of the aleph-bet.

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Anki and Rosetta Stone….

I haven’t been doing much Hebrew study lately unfortunately but right now I am working on an anki deck that I downloaded and Rosetta stone. I haven’t gotten very far in either yet but I am hoping that I will as I have summer vocation coming up in a little less than a month. Until then I won’t be able to be doing much on the weekdays as I’m doubling my school so I get summer vocation twice as fast.

Also one thing I am hoping to be able to get is Hebrew movies so I can study hebrew and have a good time in one package…

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Relaxing Hebrew Study

Yesterday I did a bit of relaxing Hebrew study and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory dubbed in Hebrew. I really enjoyed it because I understand a lot of the words/phrases. I am hoping to get more Hebrew movies and was just going over this one again but now will quickly go print a Hebrew Cheat Sheet that I found…

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A start

Since a few years ago I have wanted to study Hebrew. Now I plan to really work hard on it and fulfill my dream. I started reading and will try to go a lot along the lines of  Language Hacking Guide by Benny Lewis because it has a lot of useful stuff. I already got the audio New Testament from Faith Comes By Hearing and a few books of the Old Testament from Mechon Mamre. I have been starting to do Pimsleur  but not getting as far as I wanted to.

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